A Reply From A Woman

A Reply From A Woman

March 5, 2014

A woman sent me the following reply in response to my post below.  I’m glad she took the time to not only read my post but also took the time to reply to it:

I’d make a point to have these kinds of scenarios more often then…one where there’s not all this hype to take it to the next level. Just engage with women. Get used to the approach, the talking natural. Once you feel like this is just going to come as 2nd nature, then proceed onto the get-the-number route.

 Its like talking to a co-worker. You don’t anticipate there’s going to be some dynamic change when you say each sentence, you just HAVE a conversation, without expectation. Having more of those helps you establish frequency comfort. Its like public speaking……get comfortable enough in front of a crowd that when its time for that presentation, you’re only mildly anxious and can pull it off successfully.

 I don’t mean to imply never trying to close the deal at first. I mean if a situation presents itself perfectly and its flowing great then move ahead. But just getting comfortable with communication without all this, “aw shucks, I shoulda done XYZ instead”.

 My SO is a BIG guy…probably close to 300lbs and he’s like 6’5″. The way he carried himself, possessing confidence, masculinity, and a witty disposition without trying too hard, made me notice those features waaay before I noticed anything about his personal physique and fitness.

 Just simply ask “would you like to grab some coffee sometime?” and if she says yes, than go from there.

 It makes me think…

With this girl, it was easy looking back at it, she looked confused and I thought I might be able to help her.

But if a girl is just sitting on the bench, or just sitting on a hill eating lunch, wtf do I say? “Boy, this grass sure needs to be watered eh, EH?

I’ve talked to girls jokingly all the time. I have this thing where I like to call people by generic names and pretend like I know them. So i’ll see a random girl and would be like “OMG, SARAH, HOW ARE YOU!” “It’s been so long, come here” and i get a kick out of it, as do my friends.

But if it’s just me, and I see a girl sitting there who looks cute, not really sure what to say or do past the “hello.”